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Anna University Attendance Report 2 & Internal Assesment Mark Report 1- Direct Second Year Report Published in COE Portal


Latest Update : 05.11.2013 
Anna University Final Internal Assessment Report for Higher Semester is NOW AVAILABLE HERE.

Update : 10.10.2013 
Anna University 3rd Internal Assessment Report for Higher Sem UG & PG is NOW AVAILABLE HERE.

Update : 05.10.2013
All Subjects Attendance and Marks are Published for Transfer Students and Re-Admitted Students who are admitted in July 2013 in Various Batches / Semesters. Transfer Students and Re-Admitted Students New Register Numbers are published by the University. Students can get their register number by your college Exam Cell. Or, Message us Your college,Department,DOB details to our ChennaiKalvi FaceBook Page Message. We will try to help you for find Your Register Number.

Update : 01.10.2013
All Subjects Attendance and Marks are Published for Lateral Entry Students who are admitted in July 2013 in Direct Second Year / Lateral Entry Scheme.

Update : 24.09.2013
University Exam Time Table for Higher Semester UG Courses are Announced on 19.09.2013. The Individual Students Exam Time Table will be updated Very Soon on COE Portal under Students Login.
For preparing this process, as a first step, AU removed your old exam schedule from your Login. So, the separate time table will be updated soon.

Update : 20.09.2013
University Exam Time Table for Higher Semester UG Courses are Announced on yesterday. But till now the Individual Students Exam Time Table is not yet Uploaded in COE Portal Students Login.
It will be updated after the Last Date for Exam Fee. Based on the Registration, AU COE Office can generate the Studentwise Individual Exam Timetable. So currently you are not able to check you exam timetable thru coe1.annauniv.edu Portal. So you can check the exam timetable from our University Exam Time table Link.

Update : 18.09.2013
All Subjects Attendance and Marks may be updated Except Practical Papers. Practical Papers will be updated on 4th Reporting Period.

Update : 17.09.2013

Anna University Attendance Report 2 and Assessment Test 1 Marks Updation date is completed on 13.09.2013

This time AU Portal is working well and Good in speed and performance.

But Still some of the colleges are not completed their data entry on COE Portal.

If you want to check whether your college updated all data, you can login in http://coe1.annauniv.edu and check the "Assessment Details" tab.

This "Assessment Details" will active only from 6.00 PM to 7.00 AM.

So, you can check that data in between 6.00 PM and 7.00 AM.

Updated on 10.09.2013

Anna university attendance  and assessment 1 marks report [ report 2 ] was released it Anna university portal 

 As per Anna university schedule Internal Assessment & attendance report 2 will be updated during   10.09.2013 - 12.09.2013. 

Some of colleges started and finish 50 % of entry today itself .
Students from that colleges  can see the marks and attendance report in AU COE portal  .

Many colleges Not yet Started the entry . The student from that college can't  see the update now . When your college finishes the update you can view the report in students corner @ COE  portal

Anna University Internal Assessment Mark 2

Step 1 :
GO TO AU Coe portal

Step 2:
1.Enter your Reg No
2.Date of Birth
3. Ans of Calculation  asked there

Step 3:

Check your total attendance details under ASSESSMENT DETAILS 
you can see your attendance details

Important Note 

1. The attendance details are given only in terms of periods. If the details are in some other format like % of attendance, you may approach the concerned faculty member to make necessary changes.

2. The assessment marks obtained are displayed for the maximum of 100 marks per subject.

3. If any discrepancy is noticed by a student, it may be clarified with the concerned faculty members.

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