Registration Number format & Code for Engineering College Students Affiliated to Anna University

We hope this NEWS may be useful for Parents of Engineering Candidates.
All of the parents are always like to know their Son's or Daughter's Academic Performance.
Some good Engineering Colleges only sending the regular monthly test or any other academic performance report to the parents regularly.All other colleges are not interested to send that data to the parent.
And also most of the parents are not aware about their Son's or Daughter's University Register Number to know their Engineering Results. The Students who are not scoring well, also not willing to say the result to their parents.

Without the Students Register Number the Parents can't know their result even contacting the college thru phone.

So here is a simple method to check or find the register number of a student.
This is to Applicable for the Students studying at the Engineering Colleges Affiliated to "Anna University, Chennai".

Register Number Format : COLLEGE EXAM CODE not counseling code (4 DIGITS) - YEAR(2 DIGITS) - COURSE CODE(3 DIGITS) - STUDENT NUMBER(3 DIGITS) - Total 12 Digits

Current Fist Year : Batch 2013-2017
Current Second Year : Batch 2012-2016
Current Third Year : Batch 2011-2015

College Exam Code : You can easily find the college EXAM code by calling the colleges by phone.

Year : Last two digits of the Batch Started Year.
For Example : A Student Join in the First Year on 2013 then 13 is the Number for Year in his Register Number.
If a Student Join in Direct Second Year in Lateral Entry Mode on 2014, then he will be in the same 2013 batch. So his year number also 13.

Course Code : This is a Three Digit Code for Identify the Course Name.
For Example :106 is the Code for B.E. Electronics and Communication Engineering in Anna University Chennai.

Some of the Important Engineering Branches and Codes
101-B.E. Aeronautical Engineering
102-B.E. Automobile Engineering
103-B.E. Civil Engineering
104-B.E. Computer Science and Engineering
105-B.E. Electrical and Electronics Engineering
106-B.E. Electronics and Communication Engineering
107-B.E. Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering
112-B.E. Instrumentation and Control Engineering
113-B.E. Marine Engineering
114-B.E. Mechanical Engineering
120-B.E. Production Engineering
121-B.E. Biomedical Engineering
184-B.E. Electronics And Communication Engineering(Part Time)
185-B.E. Mechanical Engineering(Part Time)
203-B.Tech. Chemical Engineering
205-B.Tech. Information Technology
212-B.Tech. Textile Technology
214-B.Tech. Biotechnology
216-B.Tech. Textile Technology(Fashion Technology)
219-B.Tech. Petroleum Engineering
220-B.Tech. Plastics Technology

Student Number : This is a 3 digit Number. Generally the number between 001 to 299, as per the Alphabetical Order of the Student Name.
If the Student is joined in Direct Second Year / Lateral Entry, his number will be in the range of 3xx
If a student transferred from Another College, his number will be in the range of 5xx
If a student is readmitted after a break his number will be in the range of 9xx.
A Example Register Number : AAAA 11 106 001 - Try with any one of a College Code by replacing the AAAA.