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Twitter improves photo experience

Twitter has announced what it says is "a big improvement to all embedded Tweets with photos." With the changes announced, the micro blogging site seems to be putting more focus on the photos shared in embedded tweets. 

The embedded tweets now put the photo in front and center, with a bigger and bold visual focus on the media. The redesign applies to both landscape and portrait photos. 

Also, according to the company blog, "You can click on the photo to see more about what's happening and discover the conversation and behind the Tweet. If you're new to seeing Tweets embedded on your favorite websites, keep in mind that you can interact with them just as you can in any Twitter app: Click the reply icon to join the conversation, retweet to share, and favorite to show your appreciation. And as always, you can click the follow button to get the photographer's Tweets in your home timeline." 

So Tweeple, time to capture what you see on Twitter.