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Internal Marks : AU-COE Vs Engineering Colleges - AU has the Power!!! (News Updated on 07.11.2013)

Latest Update 11.11.2013 : Hall ticket for the candidates permitted under medical grounds and participation in sports are being released.

Update 07.11.2013 : 
Finally the competition comes to End. Anna University got the power. Anna University decided to withheld the Hall Tickets to the students who have secured Less than 75% Attendance upto 3rd Assessment Period.
Students can collect their hall tickets by contacting your college exam cell.

AU-COE Portal announces to all colleges as follows "Web Portal will be open for the generation of Hall tickets for the Nov./Dec. 2013 Examinations from 5:45 pm today (06-11-2013) onwards. It will be possible to generate the Hall-tickets for Candidates who have gained an overall 75% attendance from the first three report periods.

Therefore, the Institutions are instructed to kindly check the attendance particulars in the web portal of those candidates whose hall-tickets could not be generated.

In case of candidates who gain 75% attendance only after incorporating the attendance particulars of the fourth report period in the web portal, hall-tickets will be generated automatically.

For Candidates whose attendance becomes less than 75% after entering the fourth report period particulars, Hall tickets already generated (with 75% attendance up to third report period) may be withheld by the Principals."

Update 30.10.2013 : 

Today AU-COE is instructed to all Affiliated Colleges as "Institutions are requested to check the Internal Assessment entry details. Incomplete assessment entry will not get hall ticket."

If your college not yet update any Attendance / IAT Marks details and if its not updated a particular student, then the student will not get the Hall Ticket.

So, all the students are requested to check your Attendance and IAT Marks and if any single field (Except Practical Papers) is missed to fill, then immediately contact your Class Teacher and ask them to update the details to avoid the last minute tension.  

Practical Exams are almost near to the end (For Slot 1).

Till now there is no official news from Anna University regarding the Internal marks.

Anna University recently launch a Portal for COE and asked all the colleges to fill the regular reports about Students Attendance and Internal Assessment Tests Marks in that portal.

From the above Portal, AU has all the data to prepare the Internal Marks. So all the colleges’ Students are feared as about the Internal Marks will be award by Anna University instead of the College.

But Anna University never before announced as the Internal Marks will be directly awarded by AU-COE. And also its not refused about the same.
Now the Semester Exams are comes closer  and till there is no news as who has the power to award the Internal Marks.

Most of the points are favour to AU-COE to take charge for awarding the Internal Marks.  Anyhow anything can happen.

If AU-COE took the charge, then Every Single Mark and Attendance is important.

So, All the students once again check your IAT Reports and Attendance reports on http://coe1.annauniv.eduportal and contact your class in-charge / HOD for corrections if any.