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Anna University GRACE MARKS for Nov / Dec 2013 Exams

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Anna University Nov / Dec 2013 Exams are completed and paper valuation is in process. 
Almost all the students are want to know about the grace marks.
So, we collect some information as follows,..

Grace Marks : 
Out of Syllabus Questions will get Grace Marks if you attended the same question.

Currently grace marks are not awarded for the Tough Questions / Twisted Questions. But, don't worry much about this. After completing the valuation and data entry in server, if many students got very poor marks due to the Tough Questions / Twisted Questions then the university may decided to give boost up marks to all the students for that paper. But it can be decided after the full valuation and before the result publication only.

Dear Students / Friends,
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We needs all your support.
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vignesh cool said...

Sir i think Nov/dec 2014 Probability and queueing theory MA2262(pqt) question number 12(a) is wrong.because their is no table for doing the problem.


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