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Anna University Internal Mark Calculator

From this Academic year (2013-14) onward, internal marks for all the papers will be awarded by Anna University. So, the AU has already collected the attendance report, Internal assessment test results from all affiliated colleges and also everything is published on AU-COE Portal.
Based on the above details, the Internal Marks can be calculated by the Anna University.

Here we inserted a simple basic calculator for identifying the approximate internal mark. This is not a final mark and it can by little differ from the final AU Internal Marks.

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Attendance Report
Obtained Marks
(OUT OF 100)
Attended Period
Total Period
Report 1
Report 2
Report 3
Report 4

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Internal Mark Details :
Note : This calculator is designed for understanding and planing This is a approximate calculation based on information available in Regulation 2008 / 2013.
And the exact calculation may differ due to the final decision of COE of Anna Univeristy.