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Warning to Liars & Thieves : Many Sites Coping Data from - Violence of copyright is regularly publishing accurate news related to Anna University for the past few years.
And we are never willing to giving any wrong motivated news to students.
But, the students are always liking the Wrong News, Because the liars are presenting the lies in Beautiful ways.
And some more people nothing to do for collect news. They just visited our website and stolen the contents from our site.
After stolen the content they only concentrate to make the beautification of the content only.They are not even aware to change the contents to their style.
We are regularly watching many websites are not only copying contents from our website, they are copying our facebook page posts too. But we are not willing to fight with them.
Because students are always believe the liars only.
Now one more thief is founded by us with evidence. Watch the below images carefully. We posted a Online Calculator for Internal Exam Marks on 24.12.2013. But a thief now stolen our coding and put it in some other website even without changing the calculation coding.
Our Calculator in Our Page (Not Making any Beautification Work)
Our Calculator in the copied website (With some Beautification Work)
We once again requested the students to Don't follow the Liars and Thieves.
Stay with us for Accurate and Original News.
This page will permanently available with our website for identifying the Liars and Thieves to the students.

Keep watching this page for further updates to know about more copying people.