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Revaluation Fee Hike - Students Views, Suggestions to Faculties

Based on this new procedure, AU has increased the revaluation fee as Rs. 700/- instead of the Old Revaluation Fee of Rs. 400/-.

When discussing with students about this issue, we got some valuable points and suggestion regarding this revaluation fee hike. 
We derived those points and publish here as a suggestion for  Faculties  as follows....

Request to Faculties involved in AU Paper Valuation :
Dear Faculties,
  • All of you getting money from Anna University for valuating each question papers. And also you are getting OD in your College with Full Salary, TA & DA for the Valuation Day.
  • All the above facilities are given to you only because of the importance of the Exam Paper Valuation. But always the students /parents are suffered a lot by paying money money money for Registering Exams, Applying Revaluation, Applying Photocopy of the Paper and applying for Review.
  • Now, Anna University decided to increase the revaluation fee by changing the revaluation procedure. So Now a student have to spend Rs. 700/- per paper for applying revaluation.
  • Please think twice, you are getting money for doing your job. If you made any mistake on Valuation, the students should pay the revaluation fee to get their original marks?
  • How many students can pay for this much (Rs.700) fee???
  • So, please remember this message in your mind at the time of valuation and make a honest valuation. Don’t make the students to pay the penalty for your mistakes.
  • We are not requesting very liberal valuation and free marks from you. We just asking you to made a genuine valuation with original marks.

Our Aim is not willing to blame the Faculties. This is our request to both University & Faculties to think about the Parents’ and Students’ point. 

And we believe AU will take a good decision about this issue.

Thanks and Regards,

Students : Kindly Share your Views and Suggestion in the comment section.