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Recommended Android APP - Hakitzu Elite: Robot Hackers - Free Game

Hakitzu Elite: Robot Hackers (Free)
There's a lot of talk at the moment about encouraging children to learn programming skills, and a growing number of apps aiming to help. Hakitzu Elite is one of the most intriguing ones: it teaches kids JavaScript by getting them to build and battle giant (virtual) robots against their friends. The game uses a virtual credits system: they can be earned and/or bought, then used to customise the bots.

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Hakitzu Elite aims to teach children to code, using giant robots. Hakitzu Elite aims to teach children to code, using giant robots.
Become the ultimate code warrior and hack your friends with Hakitzu Elite. An epic multiplayer robot combat game, where you learn the basics of coding while battling customizable robots in both single and multiplayer missions. Victory is in the code!

As seen on Mashable, Gamezebo, The Guardian, VentureBeat, WIRED and more!

“The thing that really differentiates Hakitzu from other educational games is that it is so much fun.” - WIRED

Hakitzu Elite:Robot Hackers helps both kids and adults alike learn the basics of JavaScript. No previous coding knowledge is required to crack the code! This educational robot battle game takes you from beginner, to coder, to hacker in both the single player mode and head-to-head on the battlefield. Follow the leaderboards and show off your new coding and gaming strategy to your friends! The more you code by hand, the more points you receive to unlock the ultimate coding weapons for an action-packed battle royale in the gaming arena.

- Free game
- Learn to program in JavaScript
- Hone coding skills with 25 Single Player Challenges, easy-to-master interactive tutorials and coding boot camp
- Compete against your Facebook friends online with a large arsenal of weapons and in four awesome arenas
- Play through different coding ranks sequentially; beginner, Junior Coder, Coder and Hacker to become the ultimate robot hacker champion
- Earn coding credits for match and challenge completion to spend in the Chop Shop
- A mega marketplace with a vast array of weapons, textures, robot styles, and paints to choose from
- Customize robot warriors and share your creations with friends on Facebook