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Top 75 Engineering Colleges in Tamilnadu Based on Anna University Latest Result

Anna University has announced List of All Affiliated (Non Autonomous) Engineering Colleges Latest Results Statistics for the favour of TNEA Counseling 2015 Aspirants.

April / May 2015 Exams are not yet completed and so the November / December 2014 Result is the Latest Result.
This Statistics is published purely based on Pass Percentage of the Engineering College in that particular November / December 2014 Result.
Totally 523 Colleges are Listed in the List, But 19 Colleges are got Less than 10% Result inclusive of one college got 0%.
And 135 Colleges got 60 & Above Percentage, we are listing here First 75 Colleges for your reference.

Important Notes about the First 75 Colleges :
  • 38 Colleges having 2000+ Students and Still they are achieved this results because of their special care on the huge number of students.
  • 22 Colleges having 1000+ but Less than 2000 Students.
  • 14 Colleges reach this list with Less than 1000 and 100+ Students. Most of them may New Colleges and achieved this Percentage, and they have to continue their good effort to continue this position in future.
  • And Finally Only one college reach the list with less than 100 Students. This is a very new College. They have only 28 Students and 19 Students got Passed, so the Pass % of the college is 67.86%. For 28 Students the management/faculty burden may be very less. But, comparing to other colleges who are having very very less Students are not coming to the top on this table, we have to appreciate this college.
For More Details visit the following link to understand the Colleges' Recent Academic Performance.