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10 Steps for Success in GATE 2014

GATE 2014

Its a Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering is an all India examination administered and conducted jointly by the Indian Institute of Science and seven Indian Institutes of Technology on behalf of the National Coordination Board – GATE, Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India for admission to Master’s degree programmes in Engineering / Technology / Architecture as well as for Doctoral programmes in relevant branches of Science.

As you are aware that GATE 2014 Exam Notification is out. So, before you start the preparation of GATE Exam, there are 10 simple but important steps for success in GATE 2014 you have to follow.

  1. Download the latest GATE Syllabus. Refer to syllabus and analyze the number of questions asked in each subject. As you may be aware all subjects don’t have equal marks. The Syllabus of GATE exam is available online for different streams.
    • Civil Engineering – CEGATE
    • Computer Science & Information Technology – CS & IT
    • Electrical Engineering – EE
    • Electronics & Communication Engineering – ECE
    • Instrumentation Engineering – IN
    • Mechanical Engineering – ME
    • Chemical Engineering – CH
    • General Aptitude – GA (Common Syllabus for ALL Branches)
  2. Collect the GATE study material.
  3. Collect GATE Previous Year Solved Question Papers (papers with answer keys would be good).
  4. Make time table for GATE Preparation. Give out rational time for each subject and read it all, as there is huge to cover and it’s easy to ask few marks question from anywhere in a subject.
  5. Prepare thoroughly by understanding the basics and fundamentals of the subject.
  6. Review all the sections which you have done. Try to divide everything into three sections: easy, bit difficult and most difficult and then make a plan how much time you need to practice for each and every section, start with bit difficult part.
  7. Do not waste time in difficult areas; practice those sections in which you are sure you will get better results.
  8. Solve problems as maximum as possible. Find them out from text books, Guide books etc.
  9. Prepare notes after reading every chapter/topic. This may initially take some time but will help you while revising before exam.
  10. Keep in contact with some experts and GATE experienced persons and take their advice.

Preparation for GATE Examination:


There is no requirement of preparing separately for the GATE Exam, if you pursue your university’s educational work well, then that’s more than sufficient. GATE doesn’t require any short trick to solve the questions because it provides very sufficient time to complete the paper, and paper is logical so you have to apply basic of your knowledge.

The preparation for the GATE exam should not be initiated in 3rd or 4th year of graduation. Instead it must be started in the 1st year of college. Reading text books and cracking math problems at the reverse of each lesson has to be developed as a habit. This kind of practice gives you solid foundation not just for GATE exam but also for any kind of entrance exam or PSU’s.

Careful preparation is the answer to GATE examination.

Do not attend many questions:

In GATE examination you’re not expected to attempt all the questions. If you can attempt just thirty to forty questions on an average with high accuracy you’ll surely succeed in GATE Examination with high scores.

In GATE examination it is not vital, what amount of questions you attempted but what number of questions you correctly attempted. It has to be kept in wits that negative scoring plays a significant part in marking process. When you don’t comprehend any question it is not wise to attempt such questions as lots of times it may lead you to negative scoring. You test your luck by attempting simple question which contain small marks.

Join coaching or not ??

Coaching for preparing GATE is absolutely not required it only provides a direction for the examination but we will set your direction to your Goal. Mock examinations will aid to create the examination atmosphere, so you can join test series of any coaching.

Common Tips While Attempting the Questions:

In GATE examination, the basics & reasoning aptitude proficiency of the aspirant is tested. GATE examination includes negative scoring, so while answering the questions lots of concentration is required.

Similar to any examination it includes a blend of simple, tricky, and extremely hard questions. In GATE examination time is not a big thing. Sufficient quantity of time is offered to attempt the questions. So it’ll be advantage to attempt the questions in two to three rounds. 

Attempt your Gate paper in some rounds:

In round one, complete question paper has to be examined and simple and extremely simple questions (easy theory questions and small mathematical problems) should be solved.
In round two & three tricky questions has to be faced and solved.

Note: Easy, sharp preparation and careful answering is the access & success to GATE examination & Everyone should know that practice is a key of success so keep practicing as much as you can!