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First Internal Assessment Schedule - Attendance Entry Opened at AU Portal

In this academic year Anna University introduced a new method for students attendance tracking.
As per the new method, all self financing colleges should upload the Internal Exams like Monthly Test1, Monthly Test 2 and Model Test Marks and Monthly Attendance Details of every students on the particular periods.

The First Internal Assessment Schedule - Attendance for the period of 10.7.2013 to 9.8.2013 should be entered in Anna University Portal.
The Report Entry Period is started today.
The Report Entry Period is 10.8.2013 – 13.8.2013 (Only Attendance) for the Working days of 10.7.2013 to 9.8.2013.
This is the first time to all are going to entering the data in AU portal.

Most of the Engineering Colleges are declared 3 days holidays for Ramzon & weekend holidays between 09.08.2013 to 11.08.2013.
So all the colleges have only 2 days (12.08.2013 & 13.08.2013) for entering all the students data directly in Anna University web portal. It may give difficult to upload data as all colleges in same time.

Whatever it may be, for students by this method the Internal marks also can be awarded by the university. So all are try to keep good attendance percentage and work hard for monthly/model exams for taking atleast 14 in internal marks for passing the subject.