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Latest Update : 09.01.2014
Internal Marks Published again.
Anna University has announced the Internal Marks on 7.01.2014 at COE Portal. But after getting more queries about the method of calculation, the Internal Marks were removed from the portal (09.01.2014) yesterday.

Now, the results are once again published in COE Portal at Students login.

So, students are requested to check their marks once again. It may be differ / improved from your previous marks.

And Also AU instructed the students as "If there is any discrepancy in Internal mark, the student is advised to contact the concerned course instructor"
Check Your Internal Marks Result at
Update : 09.01.2014
Internal Marks are published by Anna University for Higher Semester Students on 07.01.2014. But now it is removed from the students login. No official info as it is temporary removal or not. Most of the students are already viewed their internal marks from AU-COE Portal of

Two types of possibilities are there. (Note this possibilities are only by Guessing. Its not a Official News) 

1. May be removed for any updation or corrections on previously published internal marks.
2. May be removed for updating First Year Internal Marks.
Whatever it may be, students are confused as they are already noted the internal marks are same for result. Or it will be revised??

We will update further if there is any Official News.Stay with us.

Update : 07.01.2014
Internal Marks are published by Anna University for Higher Semester Students.
Students can check your internal marks from Evening 6.00 PM to Morning 7.00 AM Only.
Check your result now at

Update : 07.11.2013 (You can Check Your Internal Assessment Entry Before 6.00 PM Also) 
You can Check your Internal Assessment Entry Details at any time. No restriction as 6:00 PM to 7:00 AM.

Normally you can check the Internal Assessment Entry Details thru from 6:00 PM to 7:00 AM only. And you must know the Register Number and Date of Birth for check the Details. So you can't check your friends details without knowing their date of birth.

but now we have another option to check the details at any time.

For More Details Check Here.

Update : 06.11.2013 (Teachers, Please Take Care on Attendance Entry)

Anna University COE announced a instruction as follows, "Practical Assessment Marks and Attendance details should be entered only in Fourth Assessment Period. If the data is entered in any other assessment period is will not be considered. This is for your kind information and necessary action".
But still the faculties are not listening the word and they are entering wrong entries. 
For Example, one college faculties are entered total period is 3 and total attended period 3 on a practical paper (Subject Code :EC2207) that means it is mentioned as for the full semester there is only 3 periods are allotted for that Practical paper!? Please Check the Image as bellow.

Due to Teachers mistakes students can't missed their Internal marks. So, Please Teachers, take some care on this entry work, because this is very important for Students Internal Marks. 

Students Please check Attendance Entry on Practical Paper (at Final IAT Report) and if there is any discrepancy,  immediately contact your faculty to solve the same.

Final Internal Assessment Report Entry work for Higher Semester Students are starts by today(05.11.2013) 

Anna University Final Internal Assessment Report updating is started at today morning and most faculties completed today.

In the First 3 Assessment Reports, Only the Theory Reports are updated. But, this is the Final Assessment Report Entry for this Semester. So Anna University COE Enabled the Practical Paper Details for Entering the Report.

So, this time you can check the status of practical papers report also.

If your college / your department data is updated, then you can be check the same from today 6.00 PM at
If your data Not yet updated by your college then your marks and attendance report will be blank and can be updated by tomorrow or day after tomorrow.