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Torque 2k15 - National Level Technical Symposium - Selvam College of Technology, Namakkal

Torque 2k15 is a National Level Technical Symposium organized by the STEAM Association on behalf of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Selvam College of Technology,  Namakkal on 27 February 2015.

The associates of STEAM in the annals of SCT mechanical history and now it is geared up for another record-breaking performance in the name of Torque 2K15.

The stakes are ON!!! Encompassing 15 + events, the stage is all set for the intellectual carnival of people to showcase their dexterity. Sorted out into two sets of events as follows, venture into any arena in which you think you are SMART.

Common to all Engineering Department & Project Contest for polytechnic students

Feel free to contact:
Event coordinator - 
Mr.NATRAYAN: 7639595100